Costa Carastavrakis is living his best gay life

Parts of it were very hard to write and even harder to share. Reported 'missing'. Examples; Cuba. As a matter of fact, he got a literal slap in the face and was disowned by government. For the first time in 12 years, I have met someone really wonderful and am taking on a relationship.

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Out Gay Athletes I never originally intended to make a public post about my private life

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  • He has devoted his energy and drive to fitness; from small beginnings, he has worked his way up to becoming a marathon runner and triathlon athlete.
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Costa Carastavrakis is living his best gay life

Celebrating 15 years of activism, Soweto Pride took place on Saturday 28 September in Orlando to celebrate diverse sexualities and gender identities. The draws are final and not transferable. Aller vers.

Costa Carastavrakis is living his best gay life
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